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Vertical New Yorkers

Vertical New Yorkers


Культура. Искусство Vertical New Yorkers. Because their eyes are closed - as if dreaming - we somehow get closer to their true nature, and by extension, to our own. His internationally acclaimed and widely exhibited photographs of New York and Paris have been published by teNeues in the best-selling New York Vertical and Paris Vertical. We see anxiety in some photographs, and bravura in others. The resulting work is a profile of human characteristics and emotions. Horst Hamann has become famous during the last twenty years for his panoramic photography. Photographer Horst Hamann asked New Yorkers - an adventurous but generally skeptical bunch - to come off the street and be photographed with their eyes closed. Born in Germany, he is now based in New York.Text in English and German These portraits of New Yorkers are remarkable for their diversity, but also for the common humanity that binds them all.

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  1. Те мужики нормальные, семейные, работящие. Возможно, что вы нашли бы на него управу, но погибли бы миллионы.

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